Key Stage One

Key Stage One (5-7 years)

The children now work from the UK National Curriculum. Learning is still practical and investigative, but becomes more formal in its content and delivery. Subjects taught at this age are the following:

  • English (Speaking and Listening, Reading & Writing), Spanish, Mathematics, Science, Humanities, Music, Art and Design & Technology, Physical Education, Personal, Social, and Health Education, Conocimiento del Medio* from Year Two onwards
  • Learning can be cross-curricular as well as specifically subject-based, with a balance between practical and more formal methods of teaching and learning. The tutor and teaching assistant work with groups to support specific learning needs and to continue to develop independent or paired learning. Children use English as their medium of communication within the classroom from Year One, except in their daily Spanish lesson. They begin to learn to write in a variety of genres, through shared and guided reading and writing, and develop problem solving skills in Mathematics, using all four operations by the end of Year Two.

Our aim is for children to leave the Infant department as speakers, readers and writers of English, with a sound knowledge of number, science and the wider curriculum, but our ultimate goal is for them to be caring, respectful and reflective children, who are beginning to make choices about their friendships and behaviour which will guide them as future citizens and who will help us to continue to inspire them to learn.

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