Key Stage Two

Juniors (7-11 years)

The Juniors are the middle section of the school; it comprises of KS2 which is made up of four Year groups: Year 3 to Year 6.

Key Stage 2 has a broad and balanced curriculum, which enables the full development of each child’s academic, social, personal, physical and creative skills.

English, Mathematics, Science, Geography, History, PHSE (Personal, Social and Health Education), Design Technology, Art and Information Technology (Computer lessons) are all taught by native English speaking teachers. The children read, speak and write exclusively in English during these lessons. Both the content and the philosophy of the teaching for all these subjects are based upon the National Curriculum for England and Wales. This system encourages children to be active learners and independent thinkers, with a large emphasis upon practical experiences and applying knowledge to real life situations.

Native Spanish teachers teach Conocimiento and Lengua lessons. A native French teacher teaches French. There are Spanish support classes for children who have Spanish as a second language and English support classes for native Spanish speakers who are new to the school or have particular difficulties. There is also targeted support across the Key Stage to help to ensure all children reach their full potential in all subjects.

The physical school environment and the social environment have a huge effect upon a child’s academic learning and personal development. If a child feels safe, happy and relaxed within the school environment they are far more able and willing to focus upon their own academic learning and will develop a stronger sense of community.

Key Stage 2 offers a friendly, safe, visually stimulating, supportive and well-structured working environment, which helps children to achieve their full potential. The children are taught to take responsibility for their learning, to strive to become conscientious students and to have tolerance and empathy with others.

A philosophy of praise, discipline and positive reinforcement lies at the heart of all teaching within Primary (Key Stage 2). There are well established systems and rules in place across the department to reward effort, academic achievement, and considerate behaviour, and to address inappropriate behaviour.

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