Extra curriculum


After school

A growing number of after-school activities are offered to pupils. This year’s activities include: foreign languages (Chinese and German), music and sports (ballet, basketball, football, handball, judo, modern dance, rolling-skate and yoga), as well as Robotix (www.robotixeducation.com) and UCMAS mental maths.

You can check the following link for the list of after school activities the school is currently offering

House system

Friendly competition and co-operation are encouraged by a "House" system. Pupils belong to one of four houses, each named after ancient civilisations: Egyptians, Greeks, Romans and Vikings.

Student Council

The School has a Student Council made up of representatives from each primary and secondary class. Its aims are to increase communication between students and teaching staff and to provide a channel for the expression of students' views.

Pastoral care

All pupils have daily contact with their tutor and in the upper school a Head of Year responsible for each year, who are assigned to oversee the personal development of students in their care. There is a consistent high expectation of behaviour and effort in their studies, encouraged by positive systems of reward and discipline.

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