1. Are there problems of validation of the ESA studies with the Spanish education system?

    None: Education at the English School of Asturias is fully homologous with the Spanish education system and the studies are automaticall validated.             

2. Can students at the ESA gain access to Spanish universities?

    Yes: The introduction of the Bologna Treaty now also ensures recognition by all countries within the European Union of the educational systems of the other member states and makes provision for direct access to all European universities. High levels of achievement, coupled with superior language skills, provide pupils at ESA with a wide choice of universities and access to competitive degree courses both in Spain and abroad. The majority of our students continue their studies in Spanish universities.

3. What provision is made for the study of Spanish for non-Spanish pupils?

    Classes of Spanish as a foreign language are offered to students who level of Spanish does not permit them to access Spanish first language classes.

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